Live Works has developed out of SSoA’s pioneering Live Project programme, now in its 16th year.

In Live Projects groups of students produce built, strategic and detailed designs for client organisations outside the University. In every case, the project is ‘live’, happening in real time with real people.

We tend to work with clients from the public or voluntary sector who have limited resources but lots of enthusiasm. Live Projects offer these clients ambitious and sophisticated design proposals that they would not have been able to access anywhere else. These design proposals can be key to clients gaining funding and progressing their project. Live Projects also raise aspirations through sharing skills, knowledge and ideas between clients, students and a wider network of stakeholders and funders.


Live Works grew out of SSoA’s desire to offer our clients a continuing service beyond Live Projects.

If a client has obtained funding as a result of a Live Project then they can commission Live Works to develop their project with them.

Live Works integrates community engaged design, research, teaching and outreach. We offer community clients, researchers and students access to SSoA’s internationally recognised skills and knowledge, at a local level.

More information can be found on the Live Projects website or in our Live Projects handbook.