Blackburn ReMade showcases work developed by SSoA Masters students in Blackburn between September 2013 and June 2014.

August 2014 / Blackburn / in partnership with and funded by Blackburn is Open

The book presents the full range of projects that developed from close collaboration with the town centre creative regeneration programme ‘Blackburn is Open’. This includes the Live Project ‘(re)create Blackburn’ where students developed design proposals for temporary installations and wayfinding to animate the town centre and for a new ‘Maker Space’ linked to Blackburn Museum. The books also showcased a range of speculative design projects from the ‘LiveWorks’ MArch and MAAD design studio.

Designed and produced by Live Works, 300 copies of the publication have been distributed across Blackburn and national networks.

The book was launched alongside an exhibition of work at the opening of the first Urban Room Blackburn in Oct 2014, hosted by Blackburn is Open and featuring key speakers Wayne Hemingway and Max Farrell of The Farrell Review.

Claire Tymon, Blackburn is Open:

“The impact of the work has been incredible. As a result of the Live Project we have secured £700k capital funding to realise a new facility in Blackburn town centre for a new Maker Space. The Live Project featured heavily in both the business plan and funding applications.”


Blackburn ReMade