The Cultural Value of Architecture was a series of workshops exploring ways in which secondary school children and college students perceive the cultural value of architecture, as part of an AHRC funded research project.

May – June 2014 / Blackburn and Sheffield City Centre / in partnership with Prof Flora Samuel, AHRC, Dearne ALC School, Blackburn College

Live Works contributed to the AHRC funded research project ‘Cultural Value of Architecture’, by running a series of workshops exploring the relationship between 14-17 year olds and their built environment.

We ran two rounds of workshops with the school children. The first involved a guided tour of key spaces and buildings in Sheffield City Centre, to explore the decisions affecting the design of buildings and the impact buildings have on us. Each participant was given a workbook to plot the cultural, social, environmental and commercial value of the Peace Gardens, the ‘Cheesegrater’ car park, the Winter Gardens and the Millennium Galleries. The groups were then encouraged to think creatively about the many different other ways in which these buildings and spaces could be used. The second round of workshops involved Live Works visiting Dearne ALC to work further with the children in their own environment. The outcomes of these and other workshops with Blackburn College students went on to inform the findings of the wider AHRC funded project.



The Cultural Value of Architecture