Cuthbert Bank comprises of 25 self-contained properties for families who have presented to Sheffield City Council as homeless. Families are referred to Cuthbert Bank via the council and can reside at Cuthbert Bank for a period of up to 9 months. The service was developed in the ‘90s and the accommodation is owned by South Yorkshire Housing Association. Whilst they are referred through the homeless route, more often than not, the families’ homelessness is compounded by other issues relating to physical or mental health conditions, debt/poverty, domestic violence, issues relating to the wellbeing of children and substance misuse. Currently, there are around 40 children living with their families at Cuthbert Bank. There is an on-site support team that work on a 1:1 basis with customers to find settled accommodation.

2019 – Sheffield / in partnership with South Yorkshire Housing Association (SYHA).

This project seeks to improve the living and communal environment of Cuthbert Bank. The clients are keen to see this developed through creative engagement and co-design with the on-site team and the residents. Together with them you will explore specific challenges with the existing buildings and develop detailed design proposals for the residential units, offices/reception and internal and external communal spaces. There is also the potential to consider the wider context of the site, its relationship with the street and the neighbourhood around.

This project is one of two interconnected live projects in partnership with SYHA this year and follows on from Live Works’ transformation of the outdoor playspace at Cuthbert Bank, co-designed with resident families and opened this summer 2019. 

Cuthbert Bank – SYHA Project Stack

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