Live Works worked collaboratively with South Yorkshire Housing Association, the residents of Cuthbert Bank and Green Estates to co-design and deliver a shared outdoor space to revive the ‘uninviting’ communal facilities of a Sheffield sheltered housing scheme.

2018 – 2019 / Hillsborough, Sheffield / in partnership with South Yorkshire Housing Association and Green Estates.

The beginnings of an outgoing and developing relationship between Live Works and South Yorkshire Housing Assocation (SYHA), which started with a series of workshops with the residents of Cuthbert Bank to co-design the under-utilised outdoor space. The visions developing from these workshops were used to secure £20,000 for an initial stage of development on site, which working with landscape contractors Green Estates, was delivered on site in 2019.

This initial stage of development focused on 3 key concerns of the residents: 1. a lack of spaces for families and friends to sit together. 2. A lack of dedicated facilities to facilitate children’s play 3. Maintaining space for children to play freely and creatively. A scheme was delivered including, bespoke timber outdoor seating with planting to provide shade and shelter, a dedicated ‘adventure play’ area and bespoke timber climbing wall.

Cuthbert Bank

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