Live Works is working with Sheffield Music Hub and Sheffield Music Academy to develop a strategy to transform a disused Grade II Listed building in the heart of Sheffield’s Castlegate quarter into a home for music and music education in the city centre.

2017 – ongoing / Castlegate, Sheffield / in partnership with Sheffield Music Hub and Sheffield Music Academy.

Beginning as a Live Project in 2017, postgraduate students from Sheffield School of Archietecture worked with the two music organisations to create a speculative strategy and proposal for the future of music education in Sheffield. At the heart of this proposal, was the re-branding of the two organisations under a shared banner, Harmony Works, and the rehousing of their disparate teaching facilities under a new roof, a grade II listed building in Castlegate.

Since the Live Project, Live Works has continued to work collaboratively with Harmony Works to first, submit a pre-planning proposal to facilitate the purchase of the building and produce physical and digital material to attract funding for the project.

In 2021, Harmony Works purchased the building and continue to work with Live Works to both generate further funding for the realisation of the Harmony Works vision and to develop a program to engage the young people of the two organisations in the participatory design of the building itself and the wider area of Castlegate.

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Harmony Works

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