This project focused on SYHA’s ‘Live Well’ housing portfolio – a diverse range of buildings and accommodation where residents are supported, through SYHA, to find a home, learn new skills or find employment, or can access more specialist services around mental health problems, learning disabilities or addiction.

2019 – Sheffield / in partnership with South Yorkshire Housing Association (SYHA).

SYHA were keen to explore how their existing buildings and any future developments can provide healthier, happier and more comfortable places for their customers to live in. This project focused on the specific typologies in the Live Well portfolio of drug rehabilitation units, dementia care and elderly homes. The students worked with the SYHA team, support staff on site and residents to explore specific challenges in their buildings and develop design principles that can improve both those buildings specifically and the wider Live Well portfolio in general.

Using best practice and research from across the UK, this project explored the role that good design can play in improving the home environments, support services and quality of life of SYHA customers.

Live Well – SYHA Project Stack

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