ReMake Castlegate was a project developed in partnership with Yorkshire Artspace and artists Simon le Ruez, Anne-Marie Atkinson and Clare McCormak to explore the past, present and future of the Castlegate area of Sheffield.

18th-25th September 2014 / Exchange Place Studios, Castlegate, Sheffield in partnership with The University of Sheffield, Yorkshire Artspace and artists

As part of Festival of the Mind 2014 local people were invited to work with a large physical model of Castlegate, to express, record and share memories, opinions and ideas for the area.

The project was hosted at Exchange Place Studios, where, over the course of the Festival, we invited local people and businesses to add to and remake parts of a large physical model, capturing what has been lost, what remains, and what could be.  Over the week we saw Castlegate re-made by many hands, all revealing the area’s diversity and idiosyncrasies.

The ReMake Castlegate event kick-started an ongoing partnership between Live Works, The University of Sheffield, Sheffield City Council and local stakeholder groups.  This has resulted in 75 student design projects and a Live Project that propose alternative futures for the the area. Castlegate has become a test bed for how Universities and local authorities can partner on sustainable local development leading to research that has relevance on a national and international level.

Feedback from visitors to ReMake Castlegate:

“Fantastic project! It’s great to see the university engaging with the community around the Wicker, and the council. Hopefully this project will really take off. Keep the ideas flowing!”

“This is a lovely event. It makes everyone think about the city. It is nice to be able to play within, move things around and come up with playful, creative ideas. I would like to think this will show ‘the planners’ that we care about our city spaces.”

Remake Castlegate