Barnsley Public Art Maps

A series of map visualisations that form part of a new public art strategy for Barnsley; creating a practical and inspirational guide for future collaborative art commissioning in the district.

Build a New Doncaster

An annual open design competition for Primary Schools in Doncaster, developed with Doncaster Civic Trust, to encourage young people to understand and engage with built environment issues and built heritage in a creative way.

You Are Here

An interdisciplinary project produced in collaboration with curator Jane Anderson, international artists and SSoA students, involving the commission of three artworks, a symposium, an exhibition and a publication.

Doncaster Toolkit

An educational resource aimed at inspiring young people in Doncaster to engage with the built environment in their everyday life and be actively involved in the town’s development.

Castlegate Co-production

Live Works is working with Sheffield City Council, Department of Archaeology, local community groups and independent local businesses to co-produce a shared development strategy for the Castle site.

Harmony Works

Live Works is working with Sheffield Music Hub and Sheffield Music Academy to develop a strategy to transform a disused Grade II Listed building in the heart of Sheffield’s Castlegate quarter into a home for music and music education in the city centre.

Festival of the Mind: Experience Castlegate

An AR installation in the Festival of the Mind’s Futurecade showcasing a new 3D digital model of Sheffield Castle in the context of contemporary Castlegate, alongside visions for the future.

Blackburn ReMade

A book showcasing real and speculative design projects by SSoA Masters students in collaboration with Blackburn with Darwen Council, local organisations, community groups and citizens between September 2013 and June 2014.

Castlegate Festival

A two-day festival celebrating the vibrancy and rich history of Castlegate through exhibitions, workshops, tours and activities.

Remake Castlegate

A Festival of the Mind project exploring the past, present and future of the Castlegate area of Sheffield with local people, through the use of a large physical model of the area which was made and remade by many hands.

Use and Beauty Parlour

The Live Works PoP is transformed into a space for artists to collaborate with shoppers on The Moor in Sheffield.

Cuthbert Bank

Live Works worked collaboratively with South Yorkshire Housing Association, the residents of Cuthbert Bank and Green Estates to co-design and deliver a shared outdoor space to revive the ‘uninviting’ communal facilities of a Sheffield sheltered housing scheme.

Imagine Castlegate

A book showcasing design, research and engagement projects by The University of Sheffield in the Castlegate area of Sheffield, in collaboration with local organisations and community groups, over a period of twelve months.

PoP (Pavilion of Participation)

A mobile room, designed to move around the city and facilitate place-specific engagement with people and communities in conversation about architecture and urbanism.